Sunday, June 2, 2013

Novacut 13.05

This is a very exciting release because all the Dmedia automation behaviors have now been turned on. Although note that we still don't consider Dmedia production ready, so please only test Dmedia with files you have safely backed up elsewhere.

This screencast walks you through installing Novacut on Ubuntu 13.04, and gives you a tour of all the new features:

This is also an exciting release because the Version One Hashing Protocol has been finalized and is now used by default. The only downside is that because V1 uses our Dbase32 encoding, it's not possible to support Version Zero alongside Version One.

This screencast explains how to upgrade your V0 Novacut library to V1:

In a nutshell, if you've used Novacut prior to this month's release, after you install Novacut 13.05 you'll need to open a terminal and run this command to upgrade your library:


As it seems very few have existing Dmedia libraries they care about, we didn't put much effort into this user experience (obviously), but we did put a lot of effort into making sure the upgrade works correctly. However, if anyone out there has problems upgrading or needs help, please email, and we'll make sure you get your data migrated.

Special Thanks

Thanks to Marco Buono for making this great Novacut intro sequence:

Thanks to saras fox, David Jordan, and James Raymond for helping me test the V0 to V1 upgrade this month.

And thanks to the many people who have patiently reviewed the many protocol iterations leading up to Version One, especially Hagen F├╝rstenau, Robert von Burg, and David Jordan.

Install Novacut 13.05

Packages are available for Ubuntu 13.04 in ppa:novacut/stable.

If you want to help develop Novacut, it's best to install from ppa:novacut/daily.

Note if you've added both the daily and the stable PPAs, the versions in the daily PPA will supersede the stable versions. So same effect as if you only added the daily PPA. For more details on the PPAs, read about our Monthly Release Process.

Source code

You can download the source code from each component's Launchpad project page: