Thursday, February 28, 2013

Novacut 13.02, with caution

This month's release is a bit different. We're in the process of turning on the remaining Dmedia automation behaviors, and switching from the interim Version Zero hashing protocol and schema to Version One.

Please note that we don't yet consider Dmedia "production ready", so please don't yet trust Dmedia as the only place where you store your files. But turning on these remaining automation behaviors means I feel we're almost there.

We want to be very cautious during this transition, and so we recommend that most users skip the Novacut 13.02 and 13.03 releases. To make this more than just a suggestion, 13.02 has only been released for Ubuntu Raring (the Ubuntu development version, which will be released as Ubuntu 13.04 on April 25th).

Most of our PPA users are on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise) and Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal), while we have only a handful on Raring. This is a good thing while we validate these changes. We likewise don't recommend our users upgrade to Ubuntu Raring yet... wait till after the stable release on April 25th.

In the mean time, Precise and Quantal users can continue to use the Novacut 13.01 release. You'll be able to migrate your Dmedia library and Novacut edits from V0 to V1 whenever you upgrade to Ubuntu 13.04.

For details on how we'll do the V0 to V1 migration, please see this post.

What's New

After more feedback and testing, I've decided that we are indeed switching to the Dbase32 encoding I proposed last month. The V1 protocol now uses Dbase32 instead of standard RFC-3548 Base32 encoding, although V0 is still the active protocol.

Most of the work this month was in preparing FileStore and Dmedia for the migration. Dropping Precise and Quantal support also meant we could drop support for Python 3.2, and start taking advantage of some of the richer POSIX features available in Python 3.3. There was also a critical fix so that Dmedia downgrades a drive when metadata about the drive is missing.

For details, see the release notes for FileStore 13.02 and Dmedia 13.02.

Special Thanks

Thanks to Simon Wells, saras fox, and James Raymond for diligently reviewing my many merge proposals.

Thanks to Robert von Burg for continuing to provide feedback on the Dbase32 encoding and the V1 Protocol Specification.

And thanks to David Jordan for his work on porting Graffik to Ubuntu, which is Dynamic Perception's open source control app for nanoMoCo, an open hardware stepper motor controller:

Plus David had a chance to play with the Ubuntu Touch SDK:

As always, if you want to get involved with Novacut design or development, please stop by the #novacut IRC channel on freenode and introduce yourself.

Install Novacut 13.02

Packages are available for Ubuntu Raring in ppa:novacut/stable. But remember, we recommend that most users skip the Novacut 13.02 and 13.03 releases.

If you want to help develop Novacut, it's best to install from ppa:novacut/daily.

Note if you've added both the daily and the stable PPAs, the versions in the daily PPA will supersede the stable versions. So same effect as if you only added the daily PPA. For more details on the PPAs, read about our Monthly Release Process.

Source code

You can download the source code from each component's Launchpad project page:

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