Thursday, September 27, 2012

Novacut 12.09

In other exciting news, GStreamer 1.0 has been released, and be sure to checkout this interactive music video cooked up by James Raymond, David Fulde, and Minus World:

Special Thanks

Thanks to Joe Wilson, the writer/director/editor of Vampire Mob for joining our second Novacut Chats hangout on air.

There is a lot of swearing, so this interview is not-safe-for-work. And if you dislike swearing, it's probably not the interview for you. But if you love swearing, you'll love this interview... as Joe is especially good at it :)

What's New

Matteo Ronchetti landed some nice improvements to the projects screen. I spent the month adding the security and privacy features needed for our cloud beta, and designing our accounts system.

The big work this month was adding IPv6 and SSL support to both Microfiber and UserCouch. This is the needed foundation for both our cloud beta, and for secure local sync.

Assuming we don't hit any snags, we expect to deliver our Cloud Beta next month. Initially this will be just to the Kickstarter backers who choose this reward, and then over time we'll invite more people to the private beta.

Install Novacut 12.09

Please follow these instructions to install Novacut on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Note that if you've already installed a previous version of Novacut, you'll automatically get Novacut 12.09 the next time the Ubuntu Update Manager runs.

If you're trying Novacut for the first time, you probably want to start by watching this so you understand a bit about Dmedia, and then watch this to get a good tour of Novacut.

Source code

You can download the source code from each component's Launchpad project page: