Monday, November 5, 2012

Novacut partnering with Apertus

I'm happy to announce that we're partnering with Apertus.

This is an R&D focused effort, and we expect great things to come from the close collaboration between of an open-source camera and an open-source NLE.

For those of you who've followed Novacut for a while, you know we're particularly obsessed with our on-set workflow, and I think working with Apertus is going to help us raise the bar even further, and highlights a great strength of Apertus.

The set of the future is full of networked devices. A big part of why we're building Novacut the way we are is so you can use tablets and phones as nifty on-set remotes. But the weak point in this equation has always been the cameras themselves.

Enter Apertus. Because their Axiom camera firmware is completely open-source, and is built to be easy to interface with, we'll be able to design a tightly coupled on-set workflow that simply isn't possible with any other camera on the market. And that's exciting stuff!

Note that this doesn't mean Novacut will stop supporting other types of cameras, just that we're throwing our support behind Apertus as a lead we hope more will follow. We think Apertus has a winning recipe, and we're honored to have this opportunity to work with them.

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