Friday, August 31, 2012

Novacut 12.08

Bit late on the release notes as we just got back from the GStreamer conference. Here are the slides from my presentation.

Video of all the presentations will be available soon compliments of UbiCast (and by the way, the UbiCast folks are awesome).

Special Thanks

What's New

We have a Novacut GStreamer 1.0 branch locked and loaded, but we can't release it till there is a gnonlin package for GStreamer 1.0 (which hasn't been released upstream yet), and there are a few fixes we still need in GStreamer 1.0.

Thanks to help from David Jordan when he was in Colorado for our Novacut hackfest, the gst-1.0 branch also contains what I think is probably the final design for our relative positioning schema. The new schema allows the Novacut edit description to express what we need for multicam and for arbitrary multi-track audio.

In terms of new features in the released version of Novacut, we have a nice keyboard shortcuts help compliments of Matteo Ronchetti. Plus, Matteo has continued to produce great prototypes for organizing slices within the Doodle (not yet released).

This month I wrote initial documentation for UserCouch, the Python3 library we use for starting per-user CouchDB instances. And as always, lots of work was done in Dmedia. Significantly, James Raymond merged the stand-alone Dmedia browser into the main Dmedia app.

Install Novacut 12.08

Please follow these instructions to install Novacut on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Note that if you've already installed a previous version of Novacut, you'll automatically get Novacut 12.08 the next time the Ubuntu Update Manager runs.

However, you will have to reboot for the Novacut update to take effect. We know this is annoying, and very un-Ubuntu like. But we fixed this bug, so this is the last month you'll have to do this!

If you're trying Novacut for the first time, you probably want to start by watching this so you understand a bit about Dmedia, and then watch this to get a good tour of Novacut.

Source code

You can download the source code from each component's Launchpad project page: