Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Novacut 12.05

Although we made the release on-time, we were still in Hong Kong at Linaro Connect, so I didn't have the chance to write the release notes till today. But while in Hong Kong, Nicolas Charbonnier was kind enough to video a 15 minute demo of Dmedia and Novacut. To tie it all together, we demoed with footage from when I interviewed Nicolas earlier that day.

Between the Ubuntu Developer Summit and Linaro Connect, there wasn't as much development time this month. But these events gave us the chance to get most of the team together face-to-face, test our software, and earn some much-needed cash while still doing something Novacut-related.

What's New

Most of the changes this month were under-the-hood in Dmedia. We fixed the issue where the Dmedia importer would hang if you had Magic Lantern installed. Auto-formatting is still turned off in the stable release, but we nearly completed the work needed to properly restore Magic Lantern after an auto-format. We also landed experimental sync between your different devices on the same local network, an important step toward the Novacut Cloud beta.

I also laid out our plans for large-scale automated testing with real-world video files. Currently Novacut has fairly good reliability, but we've basically relied on manual testing to test with real-world video files, and that doesn't cut it (hehe). Especially as we add more features, manual testing simply isn't a viable way to ensure the reliability that professionals need. This testing will focus on GStreamer and libav and wont be Novacut-specific, so it will benefit every app that builds on these multimedia foundations.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Canonical and Linaro for hiring us to film, and special thanks to David J. Fulde, James Raymond, David Jordan, and Tara Oldfield for the heroic amount of filming and editing.

Install Novacut 12.05

Please follow these instructions to install Novacut on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Note that if you've already installed a previous version of Novacut, you'll automatically get Novacut 12.05 the next time the Ubuntu Update Manager runs.

If you're trying Novacut for the first time, you probably want to start by watching this so you understand a bit about Dmedia, and then watch this to get a good tour of Novacut.

Source code

You can download the source code from each component's Launchpad project page:

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