Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hanna Sköld: The Maker of Meaning Makers

When I discovered Hanna Sköld's work, my imagination was immediately captured by her artistic bravery.  She not only makes assets from her films available to her fans via Creative Commons licensing, but also finds ways to highlight fan-made trailers and homages (e.g. showing them at film festivals alongside her work and on her interactive website).  With her newest film project, "Granny's Dancing on the Table," she has extended her creative generosity to involving her fans in the screenplay writing process!  She's hosted writing workshops and online share-memories-about-your-granny events to facilitate this collaboration.  What I find most interesting about Hanna's approach to film creation is that it engenders creativity in others.  It makes a space for her fans to interact with her stories so that they can find their own story within her story.  It allows people to actively participate in the making of meaning.  And let's face it, meaning making is what keeps us from cannibalizing ourselves and our fellow man.  For without meaning making, we become self absorbed, hungry ghosts that indiscriminately devour what's in our path.  Meaning making is that thing that keeps our moral compasses in working order - that thing that helps us problem-solve as opposed to impulsively react.

In other words, I am of the same opinion as Hanna: "Story-Telling has the power to change the world" (especially story-telling done by story tellers gutsy enough to allow their fans the creative license to build on what they've created).  And because I'm a true believer in the power of tall and short tales, I'm compelled to encourage anyone who will lend me his/her ear to give to Hanna's Kickstarter campaign a chance.  She has 16 days to raise around $40,000.00 so that she can finish producing "Granny's Dancing on the Table."  This challenge may seem impossible within the context of an individual bank account, but it becomes totally plausible inside a group of enthusiastic meaning makers.  So story lovers and tellers unite!  Unite for this amazing project that has made room for us to recognize and explore our humanity! 


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