Friday, May 27, 2011

The new Novacut brand and identity

Thanks to the inspired, visionary work of Ian 'IZO' Cylkowski, we have a stunning new brand and identity for Novacut.

To appreciate the full spender, please check out both the final Novacut identity guidelines, and the first draft (which shows the depth of background research IZO did):

A million thanks, IZO! Everyone should go to his website right now and marvel and more of his work!


  1. I just found your project on OMG!ubuntu! and I find it very fascinating considering the architecture approach. Myself, I am working on an in-house custom POS system that I plan to release under GPL, and your choice of architecture and some of the problems you solved with dmedia has given me many ideas for my own project.

    I stopped in though to let you know, the second graphic above is unreadable at the top, and a strain on the eyes at the bottom. (white text over light background, and red over black) One would think a graphic designer would actually LOOK at something he or she designed before sending it out into the world. (kinda like proof-reading) I'd think that if a gray underlay box beneath the white text was used, or the text were moved to the right (and right justified) it would be more readable. (there are some words completely indiscernible as it is now) The red text is an eyesore. I'm not sure how to solve that one.

    The first graphic looks great.

    The last one works, but it might work better if the four sections were touching, retaining their curves, and a thin white line extended from the joint of the curves partially toward the central logo. As it is right now, the central logo looks a little too dissected. (I just noticed it was tagged as "business cards" - in that case, I'd put the whole logo on each card)

    Just my humble opinion. Keep up the great innovative work, and I can't wait to see the project issue it's first release candidate.