Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Jono Bacon, Ubuntu's community manager, does a great videocast every Wednesday.  He talks not only about Ubuntu related topics, but also things that personally interest him (e.g. his band Severed Fifth).  And if listeners request a little death metal guitar playing before he closes a videocast, he happily obliges.  What I love about Jono's Ustreaming is that he lets listeners get to know him as a person.  He has a magical way of spreading the word about what Ubuntu is doing by simply sharing what he finds interesting about Ubuntu and beyond.

Because Jono is "the man" in terms of community management, I've decided to follow his lead and do a weekly videocast about Novacut.  It's a good way to answer questions that people have about what we're trying to accomplish, but more importantly, to get a sense about what people want.  We want to know what you want from your viewing experience; what you want in terms of TV and movie making tools so that you can tell the story you want to tell; what you want regarding a relationship with your favorite artists and/or fans; and so on.  Instead of shoving what we think you want down your throats, we've decided to start by simply asking: "What do you want from Novacut?"  Starting this Thursday (tomorrow) around 12 pm Mountain Standard Time, we'll start asking this question from a variety of angles.  We're excited to hear what you have to say so stop by Ustream tomorrow and join in the conversation!

By the by, the next Novacut release is happening tomorrow so Jason (Novacut's lead developer) will kick off our great Ustreaming adventure.  He definitely wants to talk about Novacut's video player and library (dmedia), but will be glad to answer any not-so-technical questions that you have too.  It'll be just another way that people interested in Novacut can get to know Jason better.  Until then, take good care all!

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