Thursday, December 16, 2010

A New Laptop for Akshat: The Fundraiser Continues

Akshat's fundraiser is still going strong!  So far Novacut has collected $408 for Akshat's laptop.  Hopefully, by winter solstice, there will be enough in the coffers to buy a laptop worthy of the incredible work Akshat has done for Novacut!  Whatever happens over the next few weeks, we are definitely committed to buying Akshat a laptop before he starts school in a new city.  He's going to need fast hardware to maintain his G.P.A. while surfing IRC channels for talented people who might be interested in what Novacut's doing. 

Thanks to all of those who have contributed to the cause so far.  Not only have your monetary contributions been helpful, but also the advice you have given us about the best approach to take in terms of avoiding the pitfalls of customs and delivery services in India.  We're seriously considering everyone's input, so by the time of purchase we'll be ready to make a wise, informed choice.  And don't worry Akshat, we'll of course keep you in the decision making loop.  We want to keep our super-star happy.

Thanks again to all of Akshat's wonderful contributors:

Matthew Ames
Martin Owens
Horia Ardelean
Ante Maretić
Eric Sauve
Ludwik Trammer
Alessandro Tocci
Ian Hills
Andre Hugo
Aaron Hastings
Kevin Quiggle
Kaushik Iyer
Chris Wilson
Billy Reynolds
Manu Järvinen
Alexander Fougner
Nathan Weber
David Nielsen
Steffen Christensen
Mark Shvets
Eike Benedikt Lotz
Oleksii Raiu

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