Monday, November 8, 2010

UDS Hallelujah Video (let's help the Graner family)

Tara and I just met Amber Graner at UDS, and she is a force of nature. She is super friendly, outgoing, and knows everyone. Amber introduced Tara to a zillion people and helped arrange the many video interviews we did at UDS.

I didn't have a chance to talk to Pete Graner or their two kids, but everyone in the Graner family has a big warm light-up-the room personality. So it's such a shame that misfortune struck during UDS - the Graner's house was hit by lighting and basically burned to the ground.

I just got an email from Jono Bacon asking if the Novacut team happened to catch any video of the Hallelujah song that Becca Graner sang at the end of the Ubuntu Allstars Jam, and we did. None of this is edited yet, but I wanted to get the raw clips out ASAP so anyone can edit them. Jono's idea is to get this edited into some nice videos to put onto YouTube and whatnot to help spread the word about the Graner's situation.

Update - I just finished a page where you can easily browse the videos and play 450p versions over the web to decide which 1080p clips to download: you need to EditForGraners! Plus there are now a full 56 clips from the UDS Jam!

The Novacut team will work on some edits also, but here is the raw video and audio, so go crazy Ubuntu community! You probably want to download this with some right click + "Save Link as" action.

The tricky thing is that the in camera audio kinda sucks, so people probably want to sync with the HQ audio recording we made on our Zoom. As a bonus, here are some clips taken as Pete was singing "Highway to Hell":

This raw footage is all released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license, so please respect its terms and license your edits and remixes under the same.

And please chip-in with a bit of financial support for the Graner family!

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  1. My best to a talented family that lost their home but have each other.