Monday, October 4, 2010

Trying again with smaller, incremental steps

We learned a great deal from our crowdfunding attempt on Kickstarter. Once we got the word out to the right people, enthusiastic backers came running. We just got the word out too late. (Lesson to others: better spend a month building community around your project before launching on Kickstarter!)

As it will give us face-to-face time with many CouchDB experts, we feel it's extremely important that the Novacut team be at the Ubuntu Developer Summit, which starts October 25. As this is coming up soon, we don't really have the time to do another Kickstarter campaign (although we will consider another in the future). So we're taking PayPal donations directly through our website to crowdfund this next step.

So if any of those who backed us on Kickstarter would like to help us take this more modest step, head on over to our website for details.

Again, the four of us are deeply thankful for all the support we received during our Kickstarter campaign. It was a learning experience. And we're so thankful to have connected with this many amazing people!

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