Saturday, October 9, 2010

dmedia update

I've been hacking on dmedia the past few days. I made changes to the FileStore API so that there can be a shared dmedia store in '/home/.dmedia/' in addition to the per-user store in '~/.dmedia/'. Plus I switched to using a base32-encoded sha1 hash as a stop-gap until the (hopefully) final constant change in Skein is complete.

I also setup the Novacut Daily Builds PPA which should start getting daily dmedia builds via a Source Package Recipe. I'm trying to scope all the dmedia design issues before UDS starts so that I know exactly where I need help from the CouchDB experts. Speaking of which, the Novacut team still needs some help crowdfunding our UDS trip.

Lastly, dmedia will now extract EXIF meta data from the .THM files that accompany .MOV video files from a Canon HDSLR. If you want to try this feature, you can scan .MOV files from your card reader like this:

dmedia /media/EOS_DIGITAL/ mov cr2

That would recursively scan for .MOV (H264 video files) and .CR2 (Canon RAW image files). To see the results in CouchDB, just fire up Futon like this:

firefox ~/.local/share/desktop-couch/couchdb.html

And check out the "dmedia" database. Here's an example document:

   "_rev": "1-526217d25eba74c9b3a8fdaae0842e79",
   "shutter": "1/60",
   "lens": "Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM",
   "name": "MVI_5010.MOV",
   "record_type": "",
   "bytes": 226584025,
   "height": 1080,
   "channels": "Stereo",
   "width": 1920,
   "ext": "mov",
   "camera": "Canon EOS 5D Mark II",
   "sample_rate": 48000,
   "focal_length": "100.0 mm",
   "fps": 30,
   "mtime": 1285045740,
   "duration": 39,
   "iso": 100,
   "codec_audio": "Raw 16-bit PCM audio",
   "aperture": 4,
   "codec_video": "H.264 / AVC"

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