Friday, September 17, 2010

Redrock Micro bringing Arca-Swiss mount

Tara and I were at the DigitalFest trade show yesterday, which was fun and quite educational. By far our favorite part was talking to Brenda and Rachel, the two "Revolutionists" (yes, that's what their cards say) from Redrock Micro. These two ladies were just awesome.

It was the first time Tara and I had any hands-on with Redrock Micro products. We tried a few Shoulder Mounted Rigs, which were very comfortable, although a bit large for our tastes. We also tried the Captain Stubling Handheld Rig, we which we liked because you don't loose the ability to be very expressive with camera movements. And we both thought the microFollowFocus is pretty amazing, gives one very precise focus control.

Tara and I are die-hard Really Right Stuff fans, so I asked if Redrock Micro had anything with an Arca-Swiss mount. Immediately one of our Revolutionists whipped out what looked like a squatty Redrock Micro DSLR Baseplate with a Really Right Stuff Lever Release Clamp on top. They said that this product wasn't yet available and couldn't give us a time-frame for when it would be released, but Tara and I left very happy knowing that HDSLR video users will have access to the far superior Arca-Swiss mount.

Apparently Tara and I were so excited that we didn't think to take a picture of this mysterious Arca-Swiss baseplate, so I apologize for that. But we aren't fibbing, we saw it with our own eyes!

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