Monday, September 20, 2010

Listen to Indy Film Wisconsin podcast this Tuesday

Well, seems like the Novacut project has a pretty enthusiastic new supporter by the name of Wayne Clingman. This Tuesday Wayne will be interviewing me (and perhaps Tara and Jeff too) on his Indy Film Wisconsin podcast.

After listening to a few of his podcasts today, Tara and I have already concluded that Wayne is totally awesome... exactly the sort of pragmatic, let's get things done kind of person we want in the Novacut community.

With a title like "Jason Gerard DeRose the man that Hollywood hates", you don't want to miss Wayne's next podcast. This hour long show will be live at Noon Central/11AM Mountain time, or you can stream it at your leisure anytime after that.

Just click here to see the show time in your timezone.

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