Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm a Philip Bloom Fan!

I'm a big fan of Philip Bloom. He's one of just a few DPs willing to go out on a creative limb and use an HDSLR camera with Canon L lenses. Instead of modifying all of his HDSLR camera bodies for film camera glass (like so many DPs who shoot with HDSLRs do), Bloom works with the focus pulling challenges of L lenses because they produce beautiful video. The HDSLR's strengths (e.g. light-weight body, the Canon 5D Mark II's large sensor, etc.) outweigh its weaknesses. And so he primarily chooses to work with HDSLR technology as is.

Bloom's choice to shoot with unmodified cameras was enough to convince me that he's the bomb wrapped in bacon. But when I heard that he's now licensing his Vimeo video shorts through Creative Commons, I went from a Bloom fan to die-hard Bloom fan. For his openness to other artists building on his work has proven to me that he's an artist who's interested in fostering a supportive creative community. He's an artist who recognizes that culture builds on itself, and that people often create when they're inspired by the work of others. So thank you Philip Bloom and Vimeo for recognizing the nature of creativity, and giving artists the tools necessary to realize their vision!

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