Saturday, September 11, 2010

Felicia Day is an Inspiration

Felicia Day has a whole lota moxie, creating a Web TV series when there were no models of success to follow. Yeah, her visionary move to the Internet (in an effort to create work for herself) inspires me to believe that Novacut artists really have a chance at making a living for themselves. Like Day has said in many interviews, a market niche within the context of the Internet can mean a million or more fans. Just think - if a million fans donated just a dollar a year to your show, you'd have a million dollar budget (the budget of most decently supported independent films) for the next season. And when you've developed a community of fans (an Internet niche), you don't have to worry about creating TV and movies that have the kind of "broad" appeal (i.e. a test audience o.k.) that makes the majority of network and studio productions flat. You simply have to follow your inner muse and make entertainment that's interesting to you.

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  1. I love watching The Guild! Thanks for letting me know about it Tara. Good luck with the Kickstarter fund raiser !