Monday, September 13, 2010

Fan funded Film/Video

$3.7M to 600 projects in Kickstarter's first 15 months?

Can fan-funded Film/Video succeed outside networks and studios?
The numbers say, Absolutely!

And what's crazy is Kickstarter hasn't even been around long enough to lose that new car smell.

About a month ago I analyzed all the Film/Video projects successfully funded since the first day of Kickstarter. Kind of a tedious amount of clicking around the website, but well worth it. From April 27,2009 to August 10, 2010 - the first 15.5 months - Kickstarter's backers funded just Film/Video projects to the tune of

609 Successful projects ~ 40 per month
$3.74 Million ~ $242,000 per month

    Kickstarter has made it possible for backers around the world to pledge small or large amounts to support creative projects they want to see produced. Such opportunities for fans and artists did not exist a year and a half ago, which supports our belief that we can also quickly develop a strong community of fan-backed artists. Watching one Kickstarter project after another take flight, we know that fans don't need to be told how much to give in order to keep someone's favorite brain-child alive. We now know, thanks to Kickstarter, that fans gladly step-up when they're excited about what an artist is doing. And we know that artists create mind-blowing work when the have the freedom to do what they love.

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