Tuesday, September 14, 2010

DigitalFest 2010 or Bust!

This Thursday Jason and I will be at DigitalFest getting HDSLR tips from cutting edge DP Rodney Charters! Charters is teaching a digital camera workshop at Pictureline, the Salt Lake City equivalent of B&H. We're so excited for this chance to see how one of the best works with HDSLR technology - how he manages focus pulling and cooked, not raw data.

We're equally excited about meeting other HDSLR enthusiasts, so this blog post is a meet-up invitation to DigitalFest participants. After Charter's workshop, Jason and I would love to get together with people interested in making TV/film for a drink and/or a bite to eat! So if you would like to learn more about the distributed video editor we're developing, give us input on features you would like to see, or just talk shop, please join us.

We'll make an announcement about the exact meeting spot after Rodney wows us with his brilliance.

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