Wednesday, August 4, 2010

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The Novacut blog is a good place to understand the trends that we have seen emerge, that drive the need for Novacut. Much of seeing a new kind of media emerge has been keeping an ear to the ground and picking up on certain changes as they approached.

When something significant comes across our radar, it will appear here. is a great reflection of the same spirit we share here at Novacut. They have ambitious goals for their project. Fundamentally changing how Northwestern's creative undergrads showcase their work is no small task. Yet their project budget is primarily to buy an HDSLR, a 5D Mark II to be exact. aims to do much with nothing more than a camera and some supporting equipment.
All we need is a single camera to bring an incredible new resource to the digital media community.
That's the kind of change HDSLR cameras represent to video production. With $3,300 in equipment, this project aims to produce pro-quality HD video.

They aim to create a new media outlet where none was possible before. The limiting factor was the cost of equipment and production. The advances in camera technology represent a sea-change in how video is produced and who can produce it. The cost of filming has always been a prohibitive obstacle for the aspiring film maker. Now that is simply not the case.

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