Thursday, August 5, 2010

Portland Kickstarter Meetup

I had a blast at the Kickstarter Meetup in Portland! There were so many amazing people with great projects, many already fully funded by Kickstarter donations. I was super impressed by the level of quality and creativity in the room.

It was the perfect opportunity to explain Novacut to some filmmakers who were right in the thick of things, either in or just out of post-production for their own films. I got lots of enthusiastic responses, and some important insights into what filmmakers value in their editing software, how they feel about the industry, and how technology is changing everything right now.

Speaking of technology, here's a couple of projects you should definitely check out:
  • Coup de Theatre, a feature length comedy beautifully filmed with a Canon 5D Mark II. I got to hang out with Sean Parker, half of the creative team for this film, at the Meetup. Sean got this project fully funded by Kickstarter, and was so excited about Novacut that he gave us an invite! Can't wait to see the whole movie, Sean!
  • Thomas Hayden of Slopeviews makes incredible 360 degree panoramic video using a specially designed camera with twelve lenses. You have to see it to believe it!
  • Justin Hamel is part of a team that sends weather balloons practically into freaking space and takes pictures of, you know, like the curvature of the earth. I asked him how he gets balloons into space and he was like: "hydrogen, doi". Well, of course.

I was also excited about several projects on the non-technical side of things:
  • Elly Blue's got a zine: "Ring Road Boys" about being a bike commuter and a woman in Portland. It'll change your mind about some things.
  • Chloe from reading frenzy was showing off the latest issue of Crap Hound, a cool book of classic, um, clip-art for lack of a better word. Its cool clip-art though, seriously. They got featured on Boing Boing a while ago and are pretty huge with the tattoo artist set.
  • Cute-as-a-button Crystal of pieLab PDX blew my mind with her granny's strawberry rhubarb pie, and then sent me home with some Crack Pie. I have to go steal a stereo now to fund my new Crack Pie habit. That stuff tastes like cinnamon graham cracker magic.

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