Saturday, August 28, 2010

Novacut is on Kickstarter!

I'm very happy to announce that Novacut is on Kickstarter!

Update - October 3, 2010 : Kickstarter campaign finished a couple days ago - many lessons learned. To learn more or support the project, please visit

We spent way more time than we expected setting up the Kickstarter project, but turns out it's pretty hard to describe what we're doing.

Actually, I take that back: what we're doing is easy to describe, we are:
  1. Developing free tools (a video editor in particular) to help artists reduce production costs even further
  2. Building a direct artist-to-fan venue through which artists can distribute their work (TV in particular) and make money from it
  3. Developing a free, iTunes-like player to make it easy for fans to find the entertainment they want, support the artists they love
But the hard part is explaining why we're doing it.  This is a convoluted, complicated subject, not because it involves such subtle reasoning, but because it touches so many seemingly unrelated pieces.  Our "body of evidence" for why the time is right for Novacut is a long, meandering story born from the countless hours of discussion we've had over the past few months as we tried to convince ourselves that Novacut is a good idea, that it will work, and basically that we aren't crazy.

When we try to explain the idea to others, we tend to lay out this whole sweeping body of evidence in gory detail.  Problem is, that's just too long and too boring (especially for the Internet).  Many pieces will be self-evident for many people without us boring them with an explanation.  And some pieces that we think are self-evident may not be for most people, do require a straight-forward explanation.

Thanks to feedback from friends and family, not to mention a zillion rewrites, we think we finally have something concise and action packed enough to work for Kickstarter, so we launched.  But the why of Novacut still needs lots of work, and that's where you come in: feedback is our greatest currency - take a look at the site at and let us know what you think of the story.  Drop us a line, in the comments or take your pick: Facebook, Twitter, or

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