Saturday, August 7, 2010

Inspired by LXD

I don't own a television, and haven't for over two years now. All the programming I watch I watch through the interweb, so naturally I'm a regular Hulu watcher. Stumbling (just a few days ago) onto the League of Extraordinary Dancers, a beautifully filmed dance TV series that Hulu is sponsoring, I felt pretty good about choosing internet TV over network TV. For if I hadn't made this change in my TV viewing behavior, I probably wouldn't have found this visually stunning gem.

What makes my find even more exciting is that it happened around the time Novacut launched into existence! The timing of it all got me thinking about the story-telling possibilities Novacut can foster and grow. I started to think about Novacut being a place where dancers/choreographers could collaborate with directors of photography, sound engineers, editors, etc. in making interesting TV. Dance can be a form of story-telling. So why not use it as a story-telling medium in the world of TV? Why not run with this great idea that Hulu has had the vision to support?

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  1. Your links are great, it show the possibilities are real!