Monday, August 2, 2010

From stills to director of photography

Just recently I read an interview that Vincent Laforet (the creator of Nocturne - a video short Canon commissioned to promote the 1D Mark IV) did for; it got me thinking about the options still photographers now have because of HDSLR video capability.

As still photographers, we already know how to compose a shot that's interesting to the eye. We know how to capture the imagination with good use of line, light, texture, color and so on. So it makes sense that Laforet is now making head-turning moving pictures as well - that he's been able to move fluidly between the still and moving picture worlds. In fact, he's been so successful as a short film and commercial director that he's managed to stay busy during this recession with seemingly no end in the near future.

Thinking about Laforet's success, I can't help but get excited about still photographers making their own opportunities as directors of photography. Through Novacut, they can find exciting artists (screen play writers, editors, sound engineers, etc.) to collaborate with, and build a financially supportive fan-base for T.V. they want to make. Photographers no longer have to wait for a client and job to come to them; they have the power to create their own work.

Canon HDSLRS and Novacut have given the still photographer another way to make a living. Brilliant!

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